Site, Group, and Email setup

Today I registered the domain name and set up the initial pages for the site, which of course is what you are seeing. I also set up the Yahoo Group for our members to share information between weekly meetings. Tomorrow I will set up the email on Google Apps so that every member can use the domain for an email address.

Now the fun begins!

One thought on “Site, Group, and Email setup

  1. donnie berg

    welcome!!! i run with the missouri valley free mo group. we are mostly the eastern nebraska, western iowa group. as your group, we are just getting started also. most of the free mo groups are on yahoo groups. there is a chat session every sunday at 8:00 p.m. till ??? if you would like to join in your more than welcome to chat and ask as many questions as you want. there are some very knowledgeable guys that can answer questions. the chat is on yahoo messenger. look me up during the session and i can send you a invite to join. take care and have fun…. donnie

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