Albert Lea 2012 Wrap Up

Matt Newman running a train across Twin River.

I want to thank everyone who joined us in Albert Lea this past weekend. Shane, Laura, and Belva from CenterTrak were joined by Matthew Newman from MN Free-mo for a 46 foot long layout that had a 45 degree bend in it. I also want to thank Brian Kinstad for allowing his Twin River module to be included.

The layout was up and running within three hours with no major issues during the entire weekend. We discussed Free-mo and Digitrax, along with other general modeling questions, with several members of the viewing public. I even had one volunteer engineer try to switch East Side Produce.

Shane Lambert works East Side Produce.

You can see some of the action on Matt Newman’s blog and on our CenterTrak Facebook page.

With this setup we found that we have most everything CenterTrak needs to handle small setups, and plans for future shows are in the works. Before the next show, a collection of various sized fitter rails will be created, a few more loconet cables will be crimped, and additional skirting will be purchased.

Again, thank you to all who participated, and I hope that more will be able to next year. We had a whole store to fill, and there was a lot of empty space!

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