A Day Full of Improvements

Work progressed today on two modules.

The ParkThree Notch now has the majority of the ballast complete – only need to work around the points, but will do that later. Also new trees added and a lot of “freshening” up for the warn out and faded scenery. The gravel lot for Herkimer Scrap Processing has been laid.

Side ViewMilepost 87 had some big improvements with cork, track, ballast, and base coat of scenery all in place. I just need to finish up the necessary wiring and add some legs and this one will be ready to go. If I get time, I’ll try adding more scenic detail.

I plan to do work on both modules each day, as well as some work on Spartan Frozen Foods in an attempt to get some of these “smaller” modules in action so that I can take Decatur/Wabash out of service for a wiring overhaul and scenery updates.

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