Plans for Two Transition Modules Announced

With the growing collection of modules in the group, some single and some double track, it is has become clear that the group will need a couple of transition, or 2-to-1 modules. These modules will be single track on one end and double track on the other.

It has long been my intention to build a pair of these, and today I announce that later this year I will begin construction on Highway 122 and Highway 221. These modules will be rather simple, each with a single #10 turnout, signals to indicate switch direction, and a highway under (122) and over (221) the track.

I plan to begin construction of these modules in July, though I don’t think they will be ready for the Plainview show. I have decided that these types of modules are a much larger need than the planned Camp 27 module, so they will get done first. More details after the Duluth setup.

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