Roundhouse Module Plans Leaked

I have been working long and hard trying to figure out how to build the Camp 27 (newly chosen name by the way) module which will feature a 130′ turntable and 27 stall roundhouse, among other things. Various plans have been designed, but all of them had issues with reaching a derailed locomotive inside the roundhouse area. Since the roundhouse is going to be permanently attached to the module, moving the structure is not an option.

Today I found what I think is the best solution for this:


I feel that this design provides the best viewing angles for the interior of the roundhouse. I will likely add more detail to this when it comes closer to construction time. Some thought is needed on how to properly scenic this, and how I can add a diesel service building to make the scene a little more modern. And yes, I have thought about how I am going to move a 5′ x 6′ module – it’s one of the main reasons I bought the Hobby Hauler!

Construction on Camp 27 is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2017 and is expected to take no less than 2 years to complete.


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