Wiring and Track progress


The wiring (sans-loconet) is installed on two modules.

Another day of working on modules and the DCC, accessory, and common buses are now installed on both Birdsong Peanuts and another new module, FCA Packaging. Both modules are being built with DCC Specialties PSX-1 circuit protection and Tam Valley Depot Frog Juicers. Parts have been ordered to handle a protected bus for these modules.


The track is in (stand-in building displayed).

The track has been on the module for FCA Packaging for quite some time, but progress is being made to get it ready for Plainview as well. All of the track was installed on Birdsong Peanuts so both modules are nearly ready for the show. Both will need feeder wires added, have the electronics mounted, and have the loconet bus run before the legs are installed. All of this should be complete by Thursday evening.

Nothing like pushing hard all week to get two new modules ready for operations!

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