Construction Progress

The “One Module Approach” starts with FCA Packaging. After taking time to clean up the office and workspace I can finally get things started. I will be working most Monday and Wednesday evenings to keep things moving forward on this module.

First things first – buildings. I will be using Model Builder software to create printed buildings on foam core board. The structures are mostly complete as can be seen in the photos below. I still need to add some roofs and a few other details, but now at least I can see how much space these buildings are going to use.

Construction Photos

Once I finish off the buildings I can start laying out the basic plan for the scenery. Obviously I need to have an area for the trucks for FCA Packaging and driveway area for the storage units. Otherwise I will use basic ground cover colors before adding the ballast and a few trees. There will not be a grade crossing on this module.

I hope to have this module done in early January so I can start on the next one. It will most likely be Birdsong Peanuts, but I also have four curves that need to be completed at some point. Then I can move on to bigger modules.

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