Crossovers Repaired at Three Notch!

While loading the trailer today for the show in Normal, IL this weekend, I noticed a problem on Three Notch. The crossovers have been out of service for a while due to a broken throw rod, but today I saw that BOTH point rails on the bad turnout were gone. We used it at the show last month, so it happened while transporting it home.
Since I am supposed to bring Three Notch to the show, I figured I better fix it. I tried in vane to find the missing point rail so I could at least make the main line serviceable. No luck, that thing is gone. So I decided to get to work replacing the turnout and getting the entire crossover back in service.
It took some work getting the old turnout out and cleaning up the ballast. I then had to cut the new turnout to fit the space of the old one. The new one is one of the newest Atlas turnouts, which is longer than the older style turnouts. I spent the most time doing that. I also remembered to install insulated joints between the two mains so that in the future I can add detection for signals.
I also installed the new tortoise for the newer turnout and wired it to work off the same switch as the older turnout. Now the crossovers work again with the flip of a single switch. After the show, I will clean things up a bit better and redo the ballast on the crossovers before finishing up the rest of the scenery.

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