Updates to Monster Loop and Nowhere Montana

Late this evening, crews updated several modules in preparation for the show in Normal, IL on April 8th and 9th, 2017. The wye section of Monster Loop now stands on it’s own four legs rather than teetering on one leg. This will allow easier and more stable setups of this module. Additionally, the older throttle jacks were removed and new UP5’s with custom face plates have been added. After the show in Normal, the other four sections will get the updated legs and more UP5 panels will be installed.

The UP5 panels on Nowhere Montana were moved and two new panels added. There is now a UP5 panel on both sides of each end of the yard. This will allow operators to work from either side with tethered throttles when needed. Additionally, a new 4 foot long East end was created to lengthen the drill track when needed. Additional work will be done during and after the show in Normal to make this yard more useful going forward.

Sorry, nobody thought to grab photos of this impromptu work session.

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