July 24th Build Report

Today’s update includes progress made on United Silica since July 1st. I hope to provide weekly updates going forward.

First let me say that the decision to remove the cut off portion of the former Union Cutoff was not an easy decision. However, due to damage caused during a move, and the difficulty in moving this module in the past, I decided to remove the cutoff and turn this into an industry module.

All New Wiring

Pushbutton WiringWhile doing this, I also decided to completely gut the wiring and update to the new Free-mo standard. So much of the work done this month was wiring. All three sections of the module now have new bus wiring and will soon get new track feeders. I have also changed the turnout controls to DPDT ON/ON Push Buttons using Prawn Designs Free-mo Switch Boards to simplify the wiring. At this time there are still three turnouts yet to install, but these switch boards make it very easy and the look is clean.

All new Loconet

Officially RenamedNew laser cut name plates from Prawn Designs replace the face plates on the Digitrax UP5 panels. All new loconet wiring was also added to connect these together. The two longer sections each have a UP5 on each side while the shorter section has none. The UR92 that was once installed on this module has been removed and relocated to Milepost 87.

Track Upgrades

The last couple of days has seen a flurry of updates including a lot of additional track work. A new crossover on the mainline was installed and is now powered by a pair or tortoise switch machines. The mainline connection between sections two and three has been updated to a butt joint. And all of the industry tracks, including track scales, has been installed. The only track work left is on the four foot section where the crossover and yard switches are being replaced due to damage. The yard switch is also getting a tortoise to provide feedback to the MSS Signal bus when it is installed.

Scenery Updates

The sand pit has been filled with pink foam and hard shelled. The next step is to add a base color and start adding sand and other details to the module. Construction of a loading tower has commenced and other structures and conveyors are also well under way.

There is still a lot more work for this module to have it ready for Plainview. Stay tuned for future updates to see how this module is progressing.

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