July 31st Build Report

Although it feels like very little was done on United Silica this past week, there really has been a lot accomplished. I took time on Thursday to patch any holes in the modules and get a base coat of brown paint down – so no pink foam and no white patches remain! If I get time before Plainview to do some scenery work I will, but first I need to make this module functional.

Today I received my second Glacier Industrial Sands kit, which I use part of for the loading towers, as did the Medusa Cement kit, from which I took the storage silos for use here. The sand loading towers are built without the elevators as I plan to feed these with modern conveyors. I have also mocked up and determined how many conveyors I will need – 24 – and have begun building all the pieces including:

  • 1 modified section to collect sand from the dryer and send to the four section riser.
  • 1 four section riser to raise the sand from the pit to the run to the storage silos.
  • 1 three section run to the storage silos
  • 2 three section risers to raise the sand from storage to the runs to the loading towers.
  • 2 five section runs to the loading towers.

As you can see in the last photo below, the tracks are in the way to use the support towers as designed, so I will have to come up with another way to support the runs to the loading towers. I also need to build a chute to transfer the sand from the conveyors to the head houses on the loading towers, but the Glacier Industrial Sands kits had a lot of extra parts that I can use for that.

Transporting all of these parts is going to be a challenge. The bases of the loading towers and the footings for the support towers will be permanently attached to the modules to allow scenery to be added making it nearly seamless. Other building bases will also be permanently attached including a couple small offices, a diesel fuel tank or two, and other small accessory buildings.

Finally, before calling it a night, I cut all the rails at the joint shown in the last photo. These new butt joints will make setting up and taking this module down faster as there will be no fitter rails. There are still no feeders to the tracks but I hope to finish all of that this week, then I can finish installing the turnout controls and get some base scenery down.

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