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Welcome to the home page of the CenterTrak Operations Group. This group has been in the minds of two avid model railroaders for some time, and finally became a reality on Monday, March 22nd, 2010. We held our first official meeting on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010.

All of the initial members of CenterTrak have been involved in modular railroading and railroad operations for many years. We have been talking about combining the two for some time and have finally begun the process to do so. We have decided to adopt the Free-mo standards, adding some additional standards to enhance operations, for all of our modules. This will allow us to combine with other groups in larger setups, or setup as a group for various events and activities.

But CenterTrak will be much more than just building modules and running trains. We hope that the group can become a fellowship of model railroaders who get together to talk trains, build modules and equipment, watch movies, research, attend shows, and more. Anyone with an interest in model railroading, railfanning, or trains in general is welcome to join us.

More about our 25 Modules


    The northern terminus of the Bloomington Southern. The modules features a small yard, 9 industries and a very nice housing development.

  • Formerly: Ferndale
  • Owner: Shane Lambert
  • Type: Industrial Park
  • Status: Updating operational by March, 2018
  • Size: 38 feet by 26 inches.
  • MSS Status: None
  • Industries: 9 with 21 spots
United Silica

    This module features a three track yard on one side of the double mainline, with a capacity of 40 two bay covered hoppers. On the opposite side of the main, sand processing and loading operations features two loading towers, a network of conveyors, and an active sand pit.

  • Formerly: Union Cutoff
  • Owner: Shane Lambert
  • Type: Double Track
  • Status: Updating operational by November 2017
  • Size: 16 feet by 26 inches.
  • MSS Status: Cascade In Planning
  • Industries: 1 with 40 spots


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