Bingham Cut

Shane Lambert   March 31st, 2013   No Comments on Bingham Cut
Module Details
Single Track
Shane Lambert
Operational by
March 2018
7 feet by 24 inches
MSS Status
Crossover In Planning
0 with 0 spots

Bingham Cut is a 45 degree curve module with a cut through a small hill. A park and train watching area will be on the top of the hill. A gravel road arcing in the opposite side of the mainline crosses twice at two wooden grade crossings.

The name Bingham Cut has no significance. It is just the first word I could think of when trying to name this module. I just wanted to create a curve module that wasn’t flat.

This module is currently being updated after new fascia was added due to damage to the scenery and structure of the module. Though it is still officially in service, it is slated for a major upgrade during the summer of 2017.

Track Diagram

Download Cad Drawing

Progress on Bingham Cut

Photos of Bingham Cut

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