Birdsong Peanuts

Module Details
Single Track
Shane Lambert
4 feet by 24 inches
MSS Status
1 with 4 spots

Birdsong Peanuts is a proto-lanced industry based on a real place in Suffolk, VA. It features four car spots on two tracks that cross each other. Two structures are now in place for this module and basic scenery has been added. For the time being, this module is operational but will likely get additional updates in 2018.

Industry Information

Birdsong receives bulk peanuts in short covered hoppers (1) and single door box cars (1) and can ship finished products in insulated box cars (2).


Track Diagram

Download Cad Drawing

Progress on Birdsong Peanuts

   December, 1st, 2015  

If you have been following discussions and posts since the Sioux Falls Train Show just before Thanksgiving, you may have come across the discussions of building and maintaining modules. You may also have seen the new Free-mo Concerns group created on Facebook to address such issues. This subject hits close to home for me as I begin to complete and… Read more »

   November, 25th, 2015  

After the setup at Sioux Falls this past weekend, I realized that all of my modules need at least something to make them look better, and something to make them easier to transport and set up. So first let me give you a run down of the modules slated for updates this coming winter, then I will share some information… Read more »

   August, 9th, 2015  

Another day of working on modules and the DCC, accessory, and common buses are now installed on both Birdsong Peanuts and another new module, FCA Packaging. Both modules are being built with DCC Specialties PSX-1 circuit protection and Tam Valley Depot Frog Juicers. Parts have been ordered to handle a protected bus for these modules. The track has been on… Read more »

   August, 8th, 2015  

Construction on the new Birdsong Peanuts module began today with the installation of the subroadbed and laying out the track. This module is being fast-tracked for use in the setup at the Plainview, MN train show. The module will allow for up to four cars to be spotted on two different tracks that cross each other.

Photos of Birdsong Peanuts

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