Highway 221

Module Details
Shane Lambert
Operational by
November 2017
4 feet by 26 inches
MSS Status
Cascade Wired
0 with 0 spots

Highway 221 is currently in the construction stages and will become the first of two transition (2-to-1) modules. This  will be a single to double track four foot long module using a #10 turnout for the transition. Highway 221 will feature a four lane divided highway on a bridge over the tracks.

Track Diagram

Download Cad Drawing

Progress on Highway 221

   May, 7th, 2015  

With the growing collection of modules in the group, some single and some double track, it is has become clear that the group will need a couple of transition, or 2-to-1 modules. These modules will be single track on one end and double track on the other. It has long been my intention to build a pair of these, and… Read more »

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