Mile Post 87

Module Details
Single Track
Shane Lambert
2 feet by 24 inches
MSS Status
Cascade In Planning
0 with 0 spots

Mile Post 87 is a simple double track scenery module that will eventually become a Signal-Mo as soon as finances and skills allow. The module is currently operational without signals, but includes a UR92 to allow for Duplex Radio Operations during setups.

Progress on Mile Post 87

   May, 3rd, 2015  

Work progressed today on two modules. Three Notch now has the majority of the ballast complete – only need to work around the points, but will do that later. Also new trees added and a lot of “freshening” up for the warn out and faded scenery. The gravel lot for Herkimer Scrap Processing has been laid. Milepost 87 had some… Read more »

   May, 3rd, 2015  
   May, 2nd, 2015  

Photos of Mile Post 87

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