Prairie Curve

Module Details
Lambert's Curve
Single Track
Shane Lambert
Operational by
March 2018
7 feet by 24 inches
MSS Status
Crossover In Planning
0 with 0 spots

Prairie curve is one of the large curved frame 45 degree corners built by the group in its infancy. The module features prairie scenery and hand-laid track. This module is currently operational but continues to have scenery upgraded. A full overhaul of the scenery is slated for Winter, 2017.

Track Diagram

Download Cad Drawing

Progress on Prairie Curve

   May, 1st, 2015  

I realized that one of the first things I need to do when updating this web site is make sure it has accurate information. Up until yesterday, the site only listed 4 of our modules – but we have 11. So I have added all of them to our Modules list, including the newly acquired Monster Loop. Right now most… Read more »

Photos of Prairie Curve

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