Three Notch

Jesse Wells   May 1st, 2015   No Comments on Three Notch
Module Details
Northwood Falls
Single Track
Jesse Wells
10 feet by 26 inches
MSS Status
Crossover In Planning
4 with 10 spots

The town of Three Notch, formerly known as Northwood Falls, was purchased from a member of the Minnesota Free-mo group. Originally built as a double track, it had been converted to single track at some point. I have rebuilt it as a double track module.

The module features the small town of Three Notch, named for the first industry, Three Notch Feed. Downtown features a saloon, cafe, service garage, grocery, and an abandoned building. The railroad serves the still thriving Three Notch Feed as well as a scrap yard, lumber loading area, and a fuel-oil distributor.

This module is operational but has issues, and is slated for an update including new wiring to include MSS signaling support in late Winter, 2017.

Progress on Three Notch

   April, 6th, 2017  
   November, 25th, 2015  

After the setup at Sioux Falls this past weekend, I realized that all of my modules need at least something to make them look better, and something to make them easier to transport and set up. So first let me give you a run down of the modules slated for updates this coming winter, then I will share some information… Read more »

   May, 3rd, 2015  

Work progressed today on two modules. Three Notch now has the majority of the ballast complete – only need to work around the points, but will do that later. Also new trees added and a lot of “freshening” up for the warn out and faded scenery. The gravel lot for Herkimer Scrap Processing has been laid. Milepost 87 had some… Read more »

   May, 3rd, 2015  

Ongoing improvements in Three Notch include the planting of several new trees in the park, new sidewalks being added, and new landscaping around the station. In addition, the railroad crews have completed the ballast on the new mainline and spur and have announced that traffic will begin flowing more smoothly.

   May, 1st, 2015  

I have finally started to complete the work on Three Notch, formerly Northwood Falls. I bought the module set nearly 3 years ago and started work to convert it back to a double track module. This past week has seen a lot of work. I fastened down the last bit of track on the module set this afternoon, and tomorrow… Read more »

   May, 1st, 2015  

I realized that one of the first things I need to do when updating this web site is make sure it has accurate information. Up until yesterday, the site only listed 4 of our modules – but we have 11. So I have added all of them to our Modules list, including the newly acquired Monster Loop. Right now most… Read more »

   April, 20th, 2015  
   February, 19th, 2015  
   November, 22nd, 2014  

Maintenance of Way crews have begun preparation in the town of Three Notch (formerly Northwood Falls) to restore the double track main through town. Work will begin this coming weekend and crews hope to complete the repair work within 30 days. Crews will repair one mainline switch and include installation of a new switch to service a new cold storage… Read more »

   November, 5th, 2012  

Today I added information for two new modules, Three Notch Feed and Union Cutoff, both owned by member Shane Lambert. Both modules are operational (having been used and tested during the Great Train Expo in Shakopee, MN on November 3rd & 4th). Union Cutoff acquired from Michael Chapman with the Minnesota Free-mo group, needs a little maintenance and some scenery… Read more »

Photos of Three Notch

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