United Silica

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Module Details
Union Cutoff
Double Track
Shane Lambert
Operational by
November 2017
16 feet by 26 inches
MSS Status
Cascade In Planning
1 with 40 spots

United Silica, formerly Union Cutoff, was acquired from Michael Chapman with the Minnesota Free-mo group and is currently undergoing a major rebuild. It features a 16′ long double track main with support for MSS Signaling.

This module features a three track yard on one side of the main, and a sand pit with loading tracks on the opposite side. A pair of crossovers on opposite ends of the mainline create a 12 foot runaround to allow for crews to work this industry from either direction.

Industry Information

This module contains 1 industry, United Silica, a sand processing plant. The railroad maintains a three track yard on one side of the tracks with a capacity of 40 2 bay covered hoppers. An additional 18 covered hoppers can be stored in the storage tracks on the industry side, but will hamper loading operations.

Operations Information

This module handles 40 2 bay covered hoppers in the yard. During an operating session, a crew can be assigned to work the plant, and interchange cars with trains on the main. A maximum of 12 cars can be loaded at one time without interfering with the mainline. The operator will need permission to cross the main when moving from the yard to the plant and vice-versa.

Optionally, trains may work the plant from the main when an operator is not present, or interchange cars in the yard when an assigned crew is not available. The long runaround present on this module allows trains to work this industry from either direction.

Notice: Due to the abundance of structures and conveyors, it is necessary to work the yard from one side and the plant from the opposite side. Keep this in mind when planning a layout that includes this module.

Track Diagram

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Progress on United Silica

   August, 1st, 2017  
   July, 24th, 2017  

Today’s update includes progress made on United Silica since July 1st. I hope to provide weekly updates going forward. First let me say that the decision to remove the cut off portion of the former Union Cutoff was not an easy decision. However, due to damage caused during a move, and the difficulty in moving this module in the past,… Read more »

   May, 1st, 2015  

After more inspection of this module I have determined it is going to be re-purposed. The single track branch will be removed and a new fascia added. The yard will remain but the track on the opposite side of the main will be replaced. The module will become “United Silica” and will feature a Frac-Sand facility loosely based on the… Read more »

   July, 3rd, 2014  
   January, 4th, 2013  
   November, 5th, 2012  

Today I added information for two new modules, Three Notch Feed and Union Cutoff, both owned by member Shane Lambert. Both modules are operational (having been used and tested during the Great Train Expo in Shakopee, MN on November 3rd & 4th). Union Cutoff acquired from Michael Chapman with the Minnesota Free-mo group, needs a little maintenance and some scenery… Read more »

Photos of United Silica

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