: Construction Begins

Construction on the new Birdsong Peanuts module began today with the installation of the subroadbed and laying out the track. This module is being fast-tracked for use in the setup at the Plainview, MN train show. The module will allow for up to four cars to be spotted on two different tracks that cross each other.

: Roundhouse Module Plans Leaked

I have been working long and hard trying to figure out how to build the Camp 27 (newly chosen name by the way) module which will feature a 130′ turntable and 27 stall roundhouse, among other things. Various plans have been designed, but all of them had issues with reaching a derailed locomotive inside the roundhouse area. Since the roundhouse… Read more »

, : Plans for Two Transition Modules Announced

With the growing collection of modules in the group, some single and some double track, it is has become clear that the group will need a couple of transition, or 2-to-1 modules. These modules will be single track on one end and double track on the other. It has long been my intention to build a pair of these, and… Read more »

, : A Day Full of Improvements

Work progressed today on two modules. Three Notch now has the majority of the ballast complete – only need to work around the points, but will do that later. Also new trees added and a lot of “freshening” up for the warn out and faded scenery. The gravel lot for Herkimer Scrap Processing has been laid. Milepost 87 had some… Read more »

: Three Notch Update

I have finally started to complete the work on Three Notch, formerly Northwood Falls. I bought the module set nearly 3 years ago and started work to convert it back to a double track module. This past week has seen a lot of work. I fastened down the last bit of track on the module set this afternoon, and tomorrow… Read more »

, , , , , , : New Modules Added!

I realized that one of the first things I need to do when updating this web site is make sure it has accurate information. Up until yesterday, the site only listed 4 of our modules – but we have 11. So I have added all of them to our Modules list, including the newly acquired Monster Loop. Right now most… Read more »