CenterTrak builds all modules using the Free-mo standards with a few recommended additions for our own purposes. All modules built for the CenterTrak group must conform to all Free-mo standards for construction and electrical before they can be used during any setup. This makes our modules compatible with many other Free-mo groups around the country so that you can take your modules with you to meets, or even if you move to another area.

All modules and equipment for members of CenterTrak will meet or exceed the Free-mo standards. Members are strongly encouraged to also follow the practices on the pages listed below. If at any time standards or practices set below would yield a module that cannot connect with other Free-mo modules, the standard on this site will be considered void.

Module Readiness Checklist

All modules built for use in CenterTrak setups will need to be “ready” for setups before arriving. The following checklist should help you understand what defines a module as “ready” for a setup. Items listed in bold are required for first setup while all others are required by a third setup. Modules that fail to meet …

Rolling Stock

Last Updated: March 26th, 2012.

Free-mo does not set standards for operating equipment. CenterTrak members will maintain all operating equipment according to the following standards. Visiting members in our setups will be exempt from these standards for no more than six operating setups, but should at least provide the standard equipment. These standards are in place …


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