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: July 24th Build Report

Today’s update includes progress made on United Silica since July 1st. I hope to provide weekly updates going forward. First let me say that the decision to remove the cut off portion of the former Union Cutoff was not an easy decision. However, due to damage caused during a move, and the difficulty in moving this module in the past,… Read more »

: Construction Progress

The “One Module Approach” starts with FCA Packaging. After taking time to clean up the office and workspace I can finally get things started. I will be working most Monday and Wednesday evenings to keep things moving forward on this module. First things first – buildings. I will be using Model Builder software to create printed buildings on foam core… Read more »

, , , , : Winter Plans

Shane Lambert   November 25th, 2015   No Comments on Winter Plans

After the setup at Sioux Falls this past weekend, I realized that all of my modules need at least something to make them look better, and something to make them easier to transport and set up. So first let me give you a run down of the modules slated for updates this coming winter, then I will share some information… Read more »

, : A Day Full of Improvements

Work progressed today on two modules. Three Notch now has the majority of the ballast complete – only need to work around the points, but will do that later. Also new trees added and a lot of “freshening” up for the warn out and faded scenery. The gravel lot for Herkimer Scrap Processing has been laid. Milepost 87 had some… Read more »