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: Crossovers Repaired at Three Notch!

While loading the trailer today for the show in Normal, IL this weekend, I noticed a problem on Three Notch. The crossovers have been out of service for a while due to a broken throw rod, but today I saw that BOTH point rails on the bad turnout were gone. We used it at the show last month, so it… Read more »

, : A Day Full of Improvements

Work progressed today on two modules. Three Notch now has the majority of the ballast complete – only need to work around the points, but will do that later. Also new trees added and a lot of “freshening” up for the warn out and faded scenery. The gravel lot for Herkimer Scrap Processing has been laid. Milepost 87 had some… Read more »

: Three Notch Update

I have finally started to complete the work on Three Notch, formerly Northwood Falls. I bought the module set nearly 3 years ago and started work to convert it back to a double track module. This past week has seen a lot of work. I fastened down the last bit of track on the module set this afternoon, and tomorrow… Read more »